Ritron Quick Assist ® Wireless Shopper Callbox

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Increase Customer Service Control Costs Improve Productivity

The Quick Assist® wireless shopper callbox provides a fast and easy way to boost customer service, control costs and improve employee efficiency. With the Quick Assist, customers and staff can simply push a button when they need assistance. Your two-way radio equipped personnel are immediately alerted with a customized voice message. The Quick Assist is the perfect complement to your two-way radio system and the ideal solution for any business wanting to maximize customer satisfaction, product sales and employee productivity


• Virtually eliminates in-store PA paging, enhances the shopping experience
• Improves employee efficiency, reduces payroll costs
• Works with existing two-way radios operating on the same VHF or UHF frequencies
• Simple to install by store personnel, can be relocated as required


• Large easy-to-see signage and button
• Visual confirmation of message being sent
• Wireless, battery operation
• Recordable voice messages
• Durable, water-resistant enclosure
• Attractive design, fits any environment
• Designed and Manufactured in the USA

Radio Compatibility!

The Ritron Quick Assist callbox is available in the VHF MURS License-Free Business Band, and the licensed VHF and UHF Business Band. The appropriate Quick Assist callbox is compatible with virtually any other business band two-way radio operating on the same VHF or UHF frequencies.