HM-148G Speaker Microphone

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Icom HM-148G Heavy Duty Self Grounding Hand Microphone

Hand microphone for Icom UHF and VHF mobile radios.

  • Self-grounding microphone
  • Heavy duty
  • PTT button
  • Includes hanger and mounting hardware
  • Works with Icom IC-F1721, F1721D, F1821D, F2721, F2721D Full P25, F2721D Upgradeable, F2821D, F2821D Upgradeable, F5011, F5021, F5061, F5061D, F5061D 31 EMDC, F5121D, F6011, F6021, F6061, F6061 EMDC, F6061D, F6061D EMDC, F6121D, F9511HT, F9511S, F9511T, FR3000, FR5000, FR5000 01 UR KIT, FR6000, FR6000 UR KIT radios.