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SYSLYNK 1V - VHF Site / System Interconnect (DMR & Analog)

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SYSLYNK 1V VHF Site / System Interconnect

The SYSLYNK 1V provides wide area communication using LTE networks and instantaneous communication. The SYSLYNK 1U also features a full 10w VHF DMR and analog capable radio. The SYSLYNK 1V repeater function can be used to extend the range of VHF Type 2 DMR or Analog simplex or repeater systems between multiple sites

 1x SYSLYNK 1V is required per Channel / Group at each site.

All SYSLYNK System modules require an Annual Subscription.


SYSLYNK 1V Cross Band Function

The SYSLYNK 1V repeater can be used to cross link your existing VHF Type 2 DMR or Analog simplex or repeater systems with Freeway Communications LTE radio products, Cell phone Apps or Dispatch software solutions allowing your to expand the range of your existing local radio system to be truly wide area.

Do your managers hate carrying a radio and wish that they could communicate with facility staff from where ever they are? with the SYSLYNK suite of products now you can.

Do your office staff hate having a radio on their desk and would rather speak with staff via their phone or computer? with the SYSLYNK suite of products now you can.

SYSLYNK 1V Recording & Remote Monitoring Function

The SYSLYNK 1V allows for recording and monitoring of all call traffic across your VHF Type 2 DMR or Analog simplex or repeater systems remotely through our Freeway Communications Dispatch Software and Cellphone Apps.

SYSLYNK 1V Custom Designed and Expandable

The SYSLYNK 1V is custom built for you. Whether you need to link 1 or 100 facilities or if you need 1 or 100 channels / groups we build the system for you. If you need to add more channels or sites at any time we simply add modules to your existing system. No down time. No Fuss. The SYSLYNK 1V is fully plug and play. We do all the configuration and provide all the equipment. You enjoy all the benefits.

Communication throughout the Coverage of LTE.

Using our LTE networks, the SYSLYNK 1V can provide stable connection and wide area communication throughout the coverage of the network. 

    SYSLYNK 1U Specs

    Group call Yes
    RF Module Power Output 10W
    System Compatibility Type 2 DMR & Analog
    Standard Mounting 19 Inch Rack Mount
    Standard Height From 3U - 12U dependent on number of CH
    LTE Antenna Port sma F
    RF Module Antenna Port N type F
    Power 120v AC (with power adaptor) or 12v DC