What you need to know about Land Mobile Radios:


What you need to know about Land Mobile Radios:

VHF & UHF Radios (also known as big radios, two-way radios or company radios, sometimes even VHS radios) come in many shapes and forms. Hand held radios are used in applications where you need a battery powered radio that you can carry with you. Mobile radios are usually installed into a vehicle with an external antenna. Mobile Radios are a much higher power radio typically around 30W whereas portable radios are usually a 5W radio. What does that mean in real words? A mobile radio will have a range of around 40kms and a portable radio will have range of around 8 - 10kms. 


Who uses Land Mobile Radios?:

Many companies use two way radios. Chances are many companies you wouldn’t even think of use some type of two way radios within their operation. You can be pretty certain that if the company falls within the following list then they use radios somewhere in their operation.

Transportation - Highway Trucks, Logging Trucks, Gravel Trucks, City Busses, School Busses, Taxis

Manufacturing - Factories, Bakeries, Machine Shops, Gravel Pits, Concrete Plants, Black Top Plants

Public Services - Police, Fire, Ambulance, Public Works, By-Law Enforcement, Towing Companies

Government - Forestry, Highways, Border Patrol  

Hospitality - Hotels, Restaurants, Shopping Malls, Rec Centers, Conference Centers, Arenas

Specialist Companies - Archeology, Dentists, Power Line Contractors 

Aviation - Airlines, Airports, Private Pilots

Marine - Fishing Boats, Transport Ships, Container Ships, Pleasure Craft Operators

so as you can see a lot of people use two way radios in one way or another.


What brands do we carry (and why)?:

We carry three main brands of radios Kenwood, Motorola & Icom. We carry these three brands because they are the most respected brands in the industry. Icom is the number on brand amongst transport companies. They are high quality radios manufactured in their facilities in Japan to the highest of standards. Motorola are the number one company in the Government / safety industries. They have an exceptional track record of service and performance with experience of decades producing the highest quality radios. Motorola are also the pioneers in the digital radio sector with their cutting edge Mototrbo product lines. Kenwood are the leading manufacturer amongst logging companies.


Are there other brands? Whats your stance on them?:

There are many other brands of radios. Such as: Tait, TAD, Alinco, Hyterra, HYT to name a few. All though we do provide repair and installation of these brands we do not stock or sell them. Why? We have chosen to partner with the leading brands in the industry to provide the highest quality and reliability to our customers. Whislt these products are capable products they do not meet our exacting quality standards that we expect from our suppliers.


You mention installation and repair can you tell me more?:

We provide a full installation and repair service through all our stores that is industry leading. I suggest that you click the repair and installation link to the left of this page for more information.


Where do we provide service / sales?:

Do you live or work in one of the following areas?:

  • Lower Mainland - Fraser Valley - Abbotsford - Chilliwack - Mission  Hope
  • Greater Vancouver Area - Langley - Surrey - Burnaby - Coquitlam - Delta - Richmond - Vancouver - North Vancouver
  • Shuswap Area - Salmon Arm - Kamloops - Shuswap  - Armstrong - Revelstoke 
  • BC Interior  - Kelowna - Vernon - Pentiction - Okanagan - Merritt

then we can provide sales and service to you. Its that simple.