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Streamline Your Fleet Day To Day Operations And Simplify With Our Fleet & Asset Tracking Solution For Fleets Of All Sizes.Online Mapping

Easy-to-use online tracking software allows you to locate your unit any time you like from any internet enabled device.

A Complete Solution

With a wide-range of solutions for Fleet management, temperature monitoring, driver safety and more, we offer one unified platform to streamline your business and lower costs.

Extend the life of your fleet

Reduce maintenance costs with engine monitoring that allows you to view and record excessive driving habits and avoid equipment downtime by sending diagnostic codes right to the front office.


A Complete Integrated System

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Optimize your Fleet

Know where your time sensitive loads are with precise updates and arrival times which benefit your customers by improving the efficiency of their supply chain.

Real-time, go-anywhere information

Receive warning messages to email and SMS to keep track of your fleet even when you aren't in the office. Monitor speed, direction, starts and stops, plus numerous additional G-force related performance statistics. User-friendly, in-depth reporting. Generate reports that detail every aspect of you vehicle’s location, speed, idle time and more.

Find your vehicles - fast

Take control of your fleet operation today using FleetTracker.CA fleet management system. FleetTracker.CA can provide you with a comprehensive fleet tracking solution that includes features like real time tracking, text messaging and route planning. For many industries, having access to fleet tracking information is essential to optimizing their business, and in turn providing the best possible service to their customers.

The better choice

The FleetTracker.CA tracking system is the most effective and cost-efficient vehicle tracking solution available, capable of locating your vehicle in real-time, 24 hours a day.


Industries we Serve

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Installation Power Buggy Rental
Construction Companies

Construction companies work in highly competitive environments and must continually deliver projects more cost efficiently and productively. Tracking and monitoring vehicles and equipment with GPS give construction companies a leg up. Simplifying the ability to manage utilization and timely service of high-value construction equipment and assets can be the difference between profit and loss. FLEETTRACKER.CA GPS is powerful and easy to use, equipping you with the tools to go beyond simple GPS tracking. Get the information you need to cut costs and improve the productivity and profitability of your construction projects.


Service businesses such as HVAC, mechanical, electrical, painters and pest control must manage time judiciously. Every mile and every minute counts when your job is to get the job done and satisfy customers. If your service-based business relies on fleet vehicles, you need to know your fleet is working at maximum capacity. FLEETTRACKER.CA GPS holds employees accountable to schedules, so you can get the most out of your fleet. Advanced FLEETTRACKER.CA GPS technology lets you monitor and manage your service-based fleet, find efficiencies and increase productivity. Improve your service-based fleet operation and boost your bottom line by saving time and money.

White Minibuses
Large Oil Truck

Oil & Gas companies face extreme challenges in remote regions and tough environmental conditions. Safety of crews is always a concern and keeping operating costs low a top priority. FLEETTRACKER.CA GPS has earned a reputation for rugged reliability through a broad selection of GPS hardware. With cellular, satellite, dual-mode (cellular/satellite) GPS hardware available you will be sure to have uninterrupted connectivity to your vehicles, equipment and assets virtually anywhere in the world. You can rely on real-time location tracking, improved confidence in worker safety & compliance, and increased operating efficiency. Wherever your Oil & Gas crew needs to go, FLEETTRACKER.CA GPS has you covered.


If your customers expect quality service delivered on time, every time – look no further than FLEETTRACKER.CA GPS. FLEETTRACKER.CA GPS provides live tracking and reporting for delivery vehicles that helps deliver standout service for less. Better manage your services, drivers and inventory for improved delivery operations. Gather fact-based data such as times of start/stop, arrival and departure, distance travelled and driver behaviour statistics like speed, hard braking, acceleration. Know that your goods are delivered according to the route plan, and if it’s necessary, to locate them in transit. Increase profits and the satisfaction of your customers with FLEETTRACKER.CA GPS.

Delivery Men
Semi-Truck on Overpass

As an owner or a fleet manager of a transport company, you know that fleet efficiency can be the difference between financial success and less positive results. You need to know that your fleet is deployed effectively and your drivers are operating efficiently, safely, and productively. Your customers expect timely delivery and want quality services. FLEETTRACKER.CA GPS offers continuous vehicle monitoring to help fleet managers improve logistics, influence driver performance and reduce maintenance costs. Monitor Hours of Service with FLEETTRACKER.CA GPS Logbooks to ensure compliance and reduce costly paperwork. Improve your fleet operations and bottom line by recovering time and money lost to operational inefficiencies! 


Municipalities continually seek an edge on the elements. With more than a decade of experience working with public works and private snow plow fleet operators, in some of the harshest subarctic conditions on the planet, FLEETTRACKER.CA has earned its reputation as a leading winter maintenance fleet GPS tracking solution. Compatible with the industry’s leading Spreader Controllers, the critical data needed to drive efficiencies and keep roadways safe is captured and transmitted seamlessly via advanced FLEETTRACKER.CA AVLS technology. Tried and true integration with back office and public systems make FLEETTRACKER.CA the first choice for northern snow plow fleets!


As a landscaper, you already deal with a lot. The last thing you need is a complex GPS fleet tracking system. FLEETTRACKER.CA GPS is designed to be easy to use so you can stay focused on the many important tasks at hand. Ensure your crew spends more of their time getting the job done and less on the road driving or idling. Monitor and put a stop to after-hours or unauthorized vehicle use that cut into your profits. If a vehicle, lawnmower or another piece of equipment is stolen, FLEETTRACKER.CA GPS can help locate and retrieve it quickly. FLEETTRACKER.CA GPS brings efficiency to your landscaping workflow and sets you apart from the competition.


Ensure government employees and officials live up to the increasing demands for accountability. Significantly reduce fuel use and lower your carbon footprint by ensuring every trip is authorized and completed in a timely manner without side trips or wasted fuel. The public counts on you to keep them safe, and live tracking and reporting of travel speeds and driver behaviour keep staff doing what they should be doing to keep your fleet and the public they serve safe and secure.

Cut costs, stretch budgets, increase productivity and safety with FLEETTRACKER.CA GPS



“Protecting Your Investment"

Keep your company secure and protect your assets with asset tracking from FleetTracker.CA. If your assets are routinely used across Western Canada--or across the globe—security can be an extremely difficult task. Fortunately, our GPS tracking technology allows you to quickly and easily keep tabs on all of your assets, no matter how large or small they are and no matter where they might be located. 

FleetTracker.CA offers a full range of GPS tracking equipment and software that lets you keep an eye on your assets at all times. Our tracking system can help reduce or eliminate the possibility of equipment theft, since you'll be able to quickly locate and retrieve any asset that’s gone missing. Hundreds of companies are currently employing GPS technology to protect and observe their expensive equipment, no matter where in the world it might be located. Our asset tracking system allows the use of geofencing. Geofences are invisible boundaries that you set yourself, using mapping software. If you have a particular piece of equipment that should always be located in a certain specific area, you can "draw" a geo fence around that area using the GPS tracking software.

One the geofence has been built, you can receive an alert if the equipment has moved outside of the geofence’s boundaries. If someone has stolen a Bobcat that you've equipped with a GPS tracking device, you’ll be alerted by SMS or email as soon as it has crossed the geofence. This information is vital in preventing theft and tracking stolen equipment.

When dealing with stolen equipment and assets, it’s more than just the cost of the items. It’s the time, the general aggravation, and having to deal with the escalating costs of insurance. FleetTracker.CA is pleased to offer a reliable easy-to-use solution. Rest assured, if your asset is stolen, you’ll see exactly where it’s headed.



​when we talk to businesses about GPS fleet tracking, time and expense are sometimes identified as barriers. Here are some industry statistics that help illuminate why we believe fleet operators can no longer afford to wait to implement GPS tracking for their fleets.
Average Fuel Saving across Industries: 5%

Speeding, aggressive driving, unauthorized and unplanned travel, poorly maintained vehicles, and excessive idling has a drastic impact on your fleet fuel bill.

Based on this industry average a small vehicle fleet of 15 light-duty trucks getting a combined 14 L/100 km (17 mpg) and that put on average 2500 km’s (1500 miles) per truck each month is able to reduce their annual fuel usage by 7,560 Litres (2,000 US Gallons) across the fleet.

  • 7,560 Litres (2,000 USG) Saved per Year

  • 18,382 Kg of GHG Emissions Saved per Year

With significant advances in GPS tracking solutions like FleetTracker.CA, this 5% figure is a now a very conservative industry value. Additional monitoring and reporting capability provides fleet operators the ability to significantly reduce fuel consumption further.

Speed Reduction to cut fatal collision in half: 10%

Research indicates that a 10% reduction in speed reduces the likelihood of a fatal collision by 50%. Direct and indirect costs of all motor vehicle accidents in Canada are a staggering $25 billion a year. The economic costs are, however, the easiest consequence to bare.

A national survey conducted by Ekos Research (2007) for Transport Canada indicated that while 47% of the respondents agreed that speeding was the primary cause of traffic collisions, 70% admitted to exceeding the speed limit at least sometimes, particularly on highways (81%).

Every fleet is unique regarding the skill and care of its drivers. One thing is for certain, and that’s with a GPS tracking solution like FleetTracker.CA you have the tools available to critically assess your drivers and significantly improve safety for everyone. Remember, the price of safety is returned well beyond economics.

Likelihood to buy from a competitor if a problem is service related vs. price or product: Four Times Higher

A recent study on consumer sentiments concluded that after a positive experience, 69% would recommend the company to others while 50% would use the business more frequently. Statistics like these prove just how vital excellent service is for the long-term success of a business.

Fleet businesses must be willing to invest in solutions that provide the best customer experience. GPS tracking systems like FleetTracker.CA give businesses that depend on their fleets a competitive advantage with the ability to deliver great service experiences.

Confidently provide arrival times, efficiently add more completed jobs, improve response times with closest to dispatching and efficient routing, and ensure fleet vehicles represent your brand excellently while amongst customers and prospects at all times.


“Parents of teenagers know that it is sometimes tough to know exactly what their kids are doing with the family car. Teen tracking is often used to monitor for bad driving habits and unauthorized use so that these habits can be addressed and corrected quickly."

GPS Tracking Solutions for Teen Drivers

The world is in motion. Our GPS tracking platform can help parents give their teens both freedom and protection. Parents can set up alerts for speed, perimeter breach and even hours of operation, and have these alerts sent automatically via text message or email.

Business Needs:

Do you know where your teenage is taking the car when the leave the house?
Are you sure that your teenager has developed safe driving habits?
Do you need a way to lower your insurance costs for your teenage driver?


Parents who want to keep a constant eye on their teenage driver can install a GPS teen tracking device within the vehicle that their teenager uses without their knowledge. Such a solution also requires software that can pinpoint where a teenager has been based on historical data.


Tracking a teenage driver with the Position Logic GPS tracking platform gives parents an affordable, useful solution. Parents can set up custom triggers for speed, perimeter breach and even operation at an unauthorized time. All these alerts can be sent to parents automatically via text message or email. This makes it easier to make sure that teens are driving safely and responsibility.


Teen drivers need instruction, attention and discipline. A GPS device such as the examples below used for teen tracking could easily give parents a useful solution to be sure that there are developing safe driving habits. Detailed reports from the Position Logic report suit can alert parents to bad patterns and habits. A detailed history of all locations is stored so that parents can make sure that teenagers are not abusing their car privileges and going where they are suppose to go