Motorola MOTOTRBO CP100d™ Portable Radios

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Basic Model Includes:
CP100d™ Portables Include:

- Standard Battery (Li-ion, 1750 mAh, PMNN4476_)
- Standard Charger CEC Complaint (90 Minute Rapid Rate - PMPN4132_)
- Standard Antenna (VHF Heliflex NAD6502_R / UHF Whip PMAE4016)
- 2" Belt Clip (HLN9844_)
- 2 Year Warranty + 1 Year Essential Repair

Technical Data:
Product Features:
- 16 Channels (No Display Model)
- 6.25e / 12.5 kHz Channel Spacing
- 2 Programmable Side Buttons
- 3 Front Programmable Buttons (Display Model)
- Front Panel Programming (Display Model)
- LED Battery Indicator

Analog Features:
Voice Scrambling, Time-Out-Timer, Busy Channel Lockout, Internal VOX, Normal and Priority Scan, Receive Only Channel, Busy Channel Lockout

Digital Features:
Voice Announcement, Radio Check (Decode), Remote Monitor (Decode), Radio Inhibit (Decode), Transmit Interrupt (Decode)

Programmable Features:
High / Low Power, Channel Scan, Battery Indicator, Monitor / Permanent Monitor, Nuisance Channel Delete, One Touch Access, Permanent Monitor, VOX On / Off, Tones & Alerts On/Off, Repeater / Talkaround, Voice Announcement, Brightness (Display Only), Keypad Lock (Display Only)

Key Features:
- Non-Display and Display Models Available
- Analog / Digital Capable
- Voice Announcement
- Longer Battery Life
- One Touch Access
- Keypad Lock (Display Only)